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All So Personal

Hello! There are a couple of spoilers, which concern the following movies, otherwise enjoy

  • Drag me to hell
  • Prometheus
  • Alien
  • Supernatural
  • Zombie films


Our body is a fragile thing. Not as fragile as glass, but it is personal. We need to learn to accept ourselves, our body, and the way we look, and if we choose to alter it, learn to accept that. Your body is probably the only thing that will stay with you from birth till death, so when something happens to it, it’s traumatic, painful and we wish to recover as soon as possible.

So it’s a wonder why there a so many TV series and movies that exploit this vulnerability.

The mouth. When it comes to our mouth, we are very controlled, not with talking, as verbal diarrhoea do exist, but with what goes in to our mouth. We control that, it is a privilege and a sensitive one. Our mouth is the gateway to the rest of our body, it follows directly to our stomach and if something goes down there that we don’t want, we know it’ll affect the rest of our insides.

The mouth is the gateway to the body, the eyes the gateway to the soul. However it seems that the body is the physical and when something physically bad happens to us it’s traumatic.

This is true in a number of TV shows and movies.

Firstly Supernatural, the awesome series about two brothers riding across America, to kill demons, ghosts, vampires and all other manner of monsters.

The thing in Supernatural that you’ll have to get used to is that when a demon possesses you, they enter you by the mouth. Supernatural uses a thick black smoke that enters and exits from the mouth and takes an uncanny long time to do so. The effect is that you feel sick. Someone’s mouth, even if we do not know who, our humanity comes forward and sympathy for the human being shows, their mouth is being forced open and they are forced to endure and swallow this thick black smoke. In turn the smoke possess you as it is a demon, which means that you have a foreign body supressing your mind and actions, while this being uses your body to commit bloody torture, murder and everything else unholy. All this is pretty vile. Even when the demons leaves your body it’s through the mouth and we’ve witnessed times during exorcisms when the person somewhat throws up the black smoke. The smoke is thick so it rounds your mouth, and the notion of vomiting invades taste, smell, touch and sight.

The mouth is vulnerable because all your senses lie very close, thus if one sense is invaded, all of them are. The mouth more so; as with smell, we cannot taste it, so it is one sense that is being invaded, same with hearing; however with your mouth it is touch, the feeling of something going in and out, taste, smell and noise. Even if the black smoke in Supernatural does not smell or taste of anything, the pulsating effect against your tongue, throat, lips and neck is horrible enough.

This is true when looking at Drag me to Hell. Sam Raimi did not spare us at all with all the foul things that fell inside Christine’s mouth! Even the famous front cover of Drag me to Hell, where she has hands surrounding her, with her tense heart wrenched expression, screaming out to us; all very vocal. In this movie with feel physically sick, even with the goat! By the end we want it to stop because how can you even feel clean with all the unearthly foul things dropping in to her mouth? Especially the scene when she exchanges liquids with the gypsy, oh my!!! If that wasn’t enough to make you feel violated, with the squelching and nausea, what will.

Of course the most recent Prometheus had a chilling mouth sequence. All this was reminiscent of Alien. In Alien, we had squid like beings throwing themselves from eggs at humans and attaching themselves to your face! Of course if that doesn’t freak you out, the attachment also has the alien crawling in to your mouth and down your throat directly to your stomach, to then burst out of you later. This is a horrible painful birth that destroys someone in order to give new life, grand! But we see the vulnerability; there are no other ways one could go to get directly to your stomach with the safety of your body. The use of it makes us sick and face masks cannot be emphasised enough.

In Alien the sinister idea that we breathe life in to the aliens for them to survive is sickening, but that is what we are doing. They attach themselves to us and we breathe them in, so that when we breathe out we breathe our life, transfer our energies in to them.

In a worse way it is also a sexual encounter. We kiss someone when making love to them and unfortunately this alien is taking advantage of that joy we get and the attachment the alien has to us can be somewhat the time it takes to have sex with someone. All this is because the alien is exploiting everything we associate with the mouth.

This is all echoed in Prometheus as well. Charlie is infected when drinking because of the driven David and through intercourse, kissing, passes it on to Elizabeth. The fact that the Alien movies expose and violate something that is supposed to be personal and sensitive to us makes it all the more scary and wrong.

This goes for the scene when Fifield and Millburn are attacked by an alien form. Indeed it is the mouth of the alien that sprays acid and when attacking at close range it forces itself into ones mouth and up their throat. We see the distress this causes and the force of something in your mouth makes you choke and suffocate.

This is also another vulnerability of the mouth. If something stuffs up your mouth, even if nothing is blocking your nose, the effect is traumatic and uncomfortable; the likely hood of choking and suffocating is high. As is the likely hood of whatever the force is, causing damage and blood to rise up in your mouth and choke you to death.

Lastly are the zombie films. In general the rules of zombies are, if you get any zombie blood into your system you are infected! A number of zombie films exploit the mouth. Mostly it is the fear that a zombie will bite and infect you. The use of biting is enough to scare anyone, as a sharp full force bite will draw blood. When a zombie bites you, it’s mayhem, as their mouths are a pit of disease and dirt. Zombies are usually portrayed with decayed features, broken jaws so they can eat more and blood down the mouth, because they tend to eat everything in sight. Zombies have no level of pain so for one to bit you, they have idea no idea how hard they are biting, and that is probably because they are trying to eat you at the same time.

Here cannibalism is exposed, as well the harshness of the mouth. Make sure you have a gas mask to cover any entries in to your body!

All in all the mouth is vulnerable, dangerous, scary and violating. So make sure you’re never in a horror movie!

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